Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why do you ask for my demographic information when joining the Personal Opinion panel?
A: Personal Opinion will use the general information you provide to determine if we should call you on a particular study.  For instance, if we are looking for moms to test diapers, we won’t need to call people that don’t have young children.

Q: Can I participate from home or do I have to go someplace?

A: Most of our surveys require you to evaluate new products or advertisements by seeing, touching, or tasting and discussing your thoughts in a group setting or personal interview at a central location or our facility.

Q: Will I be paid?
A: Most of our in-person studies pay very well!  You’ll always be told what the payment is when you’re invited to participate.

Q: What are the types of "studies"?
A: One type of study is the Focus Group, which is a group of people who gather together to discuss a particular product or idea. Another type of study is a one-on-one interview. Other types of studies include jury research, taste tests, product placements, and toy testing.

Q: When are research studies held and how long do appointments last?
A: Our studies are conducted at various times – day, evening, weekday, and weekends. We’ll ask your availability when we call.  Most appointments last 1 to 2 hours depending on the topic and type of study.

Q: Are they going to try to sell me anything?
A: Absolutely not! These opportunities are solely for the benefit of research.

Q: Will Personal Opinion sell or give my personal information to any other company?
A: No, we will never sell your profile or any information you give us. Our clients receive basic demographic information and the answers to your screening questions.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Click here to register!
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